Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When will the Aliens Hurry Up and Get Here!

I think that a lot of the problems of this world would be solved if the aliens would hurry up and get here already. Sure, this solution is problematic...in that everything would more or less be destroyed. But, we could perish with the knowledge that a.) there really were ETs out there and b.) the world got a clean slate. Pros and cons, really.

I don't play video games, but I love the visuals and the carnage. David Barbee has written a book that is like reading a video game. I posted a review here earlier, but basically it's a load of action and violence and is certainly not for everyone. If you like more esoteric sci-fi, just bypass this suggestion. However, if you like your action chaotic, your aliens sinister, and you've always wanted to see fairy tale creatures get torched...well, you get a glimpse of what "Carnageland" is all about. (Seriously, if this would have been a choose your own adventure book, it would have had everything!)

David Barbee's also one of those writers that likes to give a little something to those that still actually READ books. You can visit his website here: http://davidwbarbee.wordpress.com/2010/01/11/buy-carnageland-and-get-free-stuff/

He's going to offer some free swag for those that pick up a copy of "Carnageland". For starters you're going to get a CD soundtrack for the book (some of the best sci-fi riffs and space-age music). But wait...there's more! You'll also score a comic book (hand drawn by David Barbee himself).

But wait...there's more!

For a limited time only, if you pick up the book (and get the freebies) you'll also have a chance to win a hand sculpted alien. This thing was designed and made by the author, himself. And, it really wants a good home.