Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Best Films of the Year!

Most of you know that I'm a cinephile! I love my movies as much as I love my books. I savor each one and go out to coffee for further conversation about what I just read/saw. So, each year I like to let you guys know what's important to me. How the movies out now, or the ones that already are making their way onto DVD, rank up. Here are my top ten (from lowest to highest) for the year:

10. "Away We Go!" - This Sam Mendes film was away from his normal fare. And it featured two talented comedians - John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph - and a phenomenal supporting cast. I really loved this film. The comedy is dry (which I prefer), smart (a plus), and very, very witty. It's on DVD now, and I highly suggest a rental. It's not quite a romantic comedy, but a dramedy nonetheless.

9. "Zombieland" - It's rare that I put comedies on the top ten list, but here's the second one. Zombieland works 'cause it didn't pretend what it was. It was a zom-com, and a worthy, good one at that. Maybe not the best composed filmed...but good enough that I watched it four times at the theatre. The things that almost put this in arthouse world are the opening credits which are phenomenal (and opening credits are a dying art) and the sheer appearance of Bill Murray. It'll be out in January on DVD. Own it.

8. "Up" - I'm a fan of Pixar. They've yet to crank out a crapper. And, "Up", while not my favorite Pixar film (that honor goes to "Monsters Inc"), emphasizes an emotional accord that I've not seen from a Pixar movie. If for no other reason than the opening sequence (no words, just montages), this movie deserves all the praise it gets.

7. "Inglorious Basterds" - one of my least favorite Quentin films but best done Quentin films. Are you lost? I'm not sure I can re-watch IB several times over (I've seen it twice) like I can "Pulp Fiction", but damn if Tarantino's skills aren't honed on this one. The writing is excellent, the acting is grand (Christoph Waltz), and the fun fairytale story works.

6. "(500) Days of Summer" - Joseph Gordan Levitt has become quite the phenomenal actor...and what a good year what with "GI Joe", "Killshot", and this independent flick. (500) is an excellent film. It's not a romantic comedy, as it's made out to be, but an interesting social commentary flick. It's absolutely wonderful. Some of the visuals, combined with a dynamite script work strong for this film. If it won best picture, I'd not be upset at all.

5. "The Princess and the Frog" - Ah, Disney's return to 2-d animation! I was elated. Granted, there's still the computer elements that I despise (I'm a handdrawn sort of guy). Still, the animation is beautiful, the songs are vintage Disney, and the story...ah, i love the new twists that the story offers on the Princess legend (that you have to work for your princess-dom). If you've not seen it...don't wait. See it now.

4.) "Moon" - the best picture of the summer and the best picture that Sam Rockwell's been in. Sam Rockwell is one of my faves. This flick is a one-man show, and it plays like a vintage Twilight Zone episode. Directed by David Bowie's son (Duncan Jones in his directorial debut), this is one of the best pictures of the year...hands down. Seriously.

3.) "The Hurt Locker" - Seriously, the film to beat at this year's Oscars. It's one of the tensest movies I've sat through (I peeled off two fingernails during it). Jeremy Renner is amazing. His performance has stuck with me through the year. Also, the bomb scenes have kept reverberating through my head. Ah, this may be one of the perfect films of the year.

2.) "The Road" - Another perfect film. It's as bleak as the book. It's as depressing, if not moreso, as the book. It's not the "feel-good" film of the year. It is, however, beautifully acted, beautifully shot, and that kid...Kodi whathisname is remarkable! Viggo is too. I came out of the flick exclaiming "glorious", "glorious". I want this to win best picture...but it won't because...

1.) "District 9" should! It's the best film hands down! I love it. The writing, the style, the cinematography, the acting. Fuck! It's the best pic of the year.

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  1. Great pics, Eric!! I haven't seen all of them, but the ones I didn't see have been on my list. Personally, 'Up' was my favorite Pixar film. As you said, that montage was terrifically affecting. My partner and I happened to watch it just tonight.

    What about 'A Single Man?' It grabbed me full force from the opening scene. A much better gay film than 'Brokeback Mountain' IMHO.