Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday Wishes and a Call for Help!

So, my Gemini roots will be celebrating in a matter of days.  Yes, it's that glorious time of year when I embrace the fact that I'm moving toward the elderly end of the spectrum (and a reminder that I've yet to find a pharmaceutical fountain of youth).  Okay, forget the flowery chatter - it's my birthday!

Last year at this time something glorious happened.  I found out that I was going to be published through Eraserhead Press.  In fact, recently, I sent a "commemorative" email to editor Kevin Donihe, just thanking him, once again, for the opportunity.  This year, as the day approaches, I've had "Naked Metamorphosis" out in print for 8 months.  8!  Can you believe that?  Well, it's true.

This time around, I'm not celebrating the fact that I will be published.  I'm celebrating the fact that I am published.  It's a glorious feeling.  And, this year, I really want your help.  A few people have done the obligatory: "What do you want for your birthday?"  My typical response is: "Just gather, drink, and have a grand ol' time."  This year I have an answer; I have an actual birthday wish.

My exodus from the womb occurred 9 days from now.  And between now and then (ah, hell, through the first two weeks of June), all I want for my birthday is to sell some books.  See, the goings been pretty slim here lately.  Why?  Well, as most of you know I've been working on "The Authors Speak" (http://www.theauthorsspeak.com/), which is great.  Work's been good, but good translates to busy.  And, I've probably not been carrying the promotions torch as high as it should be held.  I've also been dreading sounding too whorish online, consistently begging people to buy a copy of my book.

These first two weeks of my birthday month, I am asking for help.  Please, if you've not purchased a copy of "Naked Metamorphosis, do so.  It's $10, and that's a heck of a low price for a gift (unless you're unemployed, which I totally understand).  You can purchase it at amazon.com.  Just use this link: http://www.amazon.com/Naked-Metamorphosis-Eric-Mays/dp/1933929901/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1275391570&sr=8-1.  If you've already purchased a copy for yourself, perhaps considering purchasing a gift copy for someone, or buying a copy for your local library.  If you'd like it signed or personalized, let me know.  I'll cover your shipping.

If you have purchased a copy, but haven't posted an Amazon review, please help a brother out and post a review.  I assure you it's rare that I get so down in the dumps that I need to re-read every good word said about the book.  Reviews are just a great way to cultivate sales from unknowns.  It really, really helps.

If you've done one or both of the afforementioned steps, it would be huge just to recommend the book to someone.  Pestering works, too, though it is a way to annoy and ostracize those you know.  So, be gentle.  But make your point loud and clear...

Exciting things are happening.  Recently the book has made the rounds to many, many minds.  Some were eager to read it prior to its release (for a blurb) and are just now getting to it.  Some are new friends and acquaintences.  Mary Roach has a copy (supposedly to read when she travels to Italy next month).  James Morrow's read his copy on the train back from Floriday to State College.  There's an electronic copy with Stana Katic (the actress that plays Kate Beckett on "Castle").  It's out there.  It's been well received.  I just need a little extra push.

This time next year, I'd like to celebrate a new book.  With a push like this, I hope that will be possible.  Can you guys help make a birthday wish come true?

Thanks...and happy birthday to me.  Cake and ice cream served in the lounge.

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