Friday, February 12, 2010

Naked Metamorphosis for Breast Cancer

My friend Jane, in Baltimore, recently found out that she has breast cancer. I say recently, but the truth is, she's known for a bit. As she says, "Happy Holidays". I've been taking a little time to accept this reality for a variety of reasons: 1.) I'm not in Baltimore and feel helpless that I cannot offer support, and 2.) because, I've always seen Jane as the epitome of strength and when I imagine this all I see is frailty. Wow! Put a little distance on it and you realize...THIS is the epitome of strength. Her and her husband, David, have it in spades, man. Te read about her journey thus far:

I also decided that there is a way I can help. Maybe not her specifically, but in a way. That's why, I've decided that I'm going to make a donation to Susan G. Komen the first week of March. For every copy of "Naked Metamorphosis" that is sold, I'm donating 50%. I'll post a picture of the check/Paypal screen when I do, so that you know I'm not full of it. After all, there are crazy people out there, jumping up and down claiming to be charitable, but they're not. I hate them. We hate them.

I've also upped the ante a little. If...and only if...I can make this puppy sell and create a generous donation to Susan G. in the remaining days of February, well, I'm going to shave my locks. My hair's not long by any stretch, but those that know me know I love my hair. Love. It. So, to lose it would be a dear price...well, for me.

So, to recap:
  • Get a good that you'll enjoy (and it's got my personal email in it so you can talk to me electronically or send me Viagra spam);
  • Do it for a good cause (maybe not the BEST cause, but a cause nonetheless).
  • Punish me...wait? What?

Thank you for all your support....

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