Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BizarroCon 2009!

So...where to begin? BizarroCon was a HUGE success. What other convention can you go to and make so many new friends (one of which you talked about porn with during the course of two days)? Where else can you go where you can get copious amounts of fresh brewed beer made just for you? Where else can you go and see performance pieces that included a lactating Viking warlord, a talking poo puppet, and an interactive reading for Rotten Little Animals?
The answer is, of course, BizarroCon! Eraserhead Press has some amazing things in the pipeline right now, great books on the rise (including a new imprint that will be for comics), and some amazing titles that require you to check them out.
While I'm completely drained of all physical energy, the suffering is and was totally worth it.
The reading of Naked Metamorphosis was a high-energy, overly theatrical performance (not as inventive as Kevin Shamel's Rotten Little Animals puppet show), but I felt great about it! Met a young lady (aspiring writer and theatre) from British Columbia who picked up a copy (thank you, Sam)....so my tale has ventured into International waters. Thank God for Canada.
My Bizarro Showdown piece was an interesting story. I had several ideas that all got scrapped last minute and did a Dr. Seuss inspired tale about masturbation (yes, I was shocked too). For those that want to read it, I'll be sure to tell you how. Let me say this, if you purchase a copy of "Naked Metamorphosis" and post a review on Amazon, I'll send you a personal copy through USPS on my dime, with a hand drawn image and a Shakespearean insult! That's a cool little promo, right?
Also, my facebook page lit up! Now I've got over 100 friends, which is nice on the self-deprecation.
Sadly, I was either too busy, too tired (seriously, about 2 hours per night and two 36 hour days), or too tipsy to remember to take any, but I'll post some that I find here when I get them!
Too, here are some books to recommend:
  • Fistful of Feet
  • Ass Goblins of Auschwitz
  • Jack and Mr. Grin
  • House of Houses
  • Warrior WolfWomen of the Wasteland (especially if you loathe McDonald's)
  • Carnageland
  • Sex Dungeon for Sale
  • Shatnerquake
  • Rotten Little Animals
  • The Slow Poisoner
  • And the Magazine of Bizarro Fiction #2!

Also, if you go to iTunes and want some really wicked music, check out Andrew Goldfarb, the Slow Poisoner, as he sings rockabilly riffs that will have you laughing. And, stay tuned for a nice picture of me, Eric Mays, smothered in copious amounts of raw squid (*yes, I was slimed*)

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