Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stories in the Sex Dungeon

Patrick Wensink has got a story to tell you. He actually has several stories to tell you...and I advise you to pay attention. Sex Dungeon for Sale may sound shocking, but it's a great representation of how diverse bizarro can be, and why the genre is so appealing. Sure, we love the weird strangeness. But, when you can do bizarro, shedding some of the pulp and shock, you get a decent read, too. That's what bizarro is. It's a collective of unique ideas that are outside the realm. (Twilight Zone is bizarro on the family friendly scale, where as Perversions of Science was a little more mature)
Here's the deal. If you like humor, dark humor, and savvy wit, pick up a copy of this book. Reading it, several of the tales, particularly "Clean Bill of Health", reminded me of something O. Henry might scribe. Other stories - Wash, Rinse and Repeat and Jesus Toast - remind me of Palahniuk. I'm not saying Wensink mimicked their style...I'm just sayin', they're quality reads.
I'm not typically a fan of anthologies (kind of like I'm not a fan of's nice to see me pleasantly surprised), but I really liked this one.
I blew Coke (not coke) out of my nose reading "Sex Dungeon for Sale"...and will never be able to think rumpus room without giggling like a middle schooler. I feel comfortable now that I've been schooled on kidnapping. And, I'm relieved that Rico Suave himself, the irreplaceable Gerardo, is here. My two personal favorites, though (and I have a dark sense of humor), are Clean Bill of Health and The Many Lives of James Brown's Capes. I'm happy to know how much "sex machine" fetched.
Sex Dungeon for Sale is a quality collection. Most are quick reads that you can grapple in one brief sitting. So, if nothing else, get a copy, keep it in the bathroom, and chuckle your ass off!
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