Friday, April 9, 2010

Jordan Krall: Author Spotlight

Despite the ridiculousness of this picture, it's a good representation of the level of dorkdom that Jordan Krall has achieved. This may come across as an insult, but it's certainly not at all. I've always said, if you're going to be a fanboy go all the way and avoid half-assing it. Jordan's definitely outdone himself.
In talking with Jordan Krall you get the sense that he loves looking at the world through twisted goggles. It's probably why he's jumped into the bizarro genre, and the genre has embraced him. But, what Jordan Krall likes are things that are not necessarily weird. Take for example Jordan's love of Elmore Leonard and gritty noir. Then examine his second book, a collection of novellas entitled "Squid Pulp Blues". SPB is a prime example of what Elmore Leonard (or even the great Raymond Chandler) would read like if it were shared by John Waters, David Lynch, and Dave Cronenberg. (I've taken to calling David Cronenberg "Dave". That's how we roll.)
Talking to him even further you'll uncover some other Jordan faves: Ginger Rogers, dark and visceral horror, post-apocalyptic movies, Italian giallo, Spaghetti westerns, and "space rape" (there's a story there, but I'll save it for another time). Examine his most recent book "Fistful of Feet" and you'll see that it is possible for a fanboy of the Spaghetti Western to twist that genre on its ear and create a very unique and original experience. Oh sure, the classic cliches are all there - the bad good guy with shady intentions, the whore with teh heart of gold, the roughneck Confederates, savage Indians, the works. But under that is an original tale that touches on such an array of subjects, you cannot compare it to anything you've ever experienced (exactly like SPB).
I guess I'm a Jordan Krall fanboy. Perhaps one day I'll write a Jordan Krall-inspired tale and twist it my own literary conventions. Who knows.
What I do know is this: Jordan should have more fans than he already does! I realize that people aren't reading as much as they once did. While this saddens me, it doesn't sadden me near as much as WHAT people are reading. Rather than looking for something truly original, I see people picking up the same tripe.
Most of you know that I'm always willing to recommend a good read. I try not to steer you the wrong way. I'm telling you, if you want something truly different, take a look at Jordan Krall's Squid Pulp Blues (for noir) or Fistful of Feet (for western). If you don't like either genre I'm sure you know someone who does and may like it. So, really, you've got no choice or reason not to.
On April 16th, 2010, we're honoring Jordan and trying to cultivate his garden of fans. For information you can visit his website at or visit me at facebook for information. Basically, we're having a cyber-party to promote Jordan and generate some new kick-ass fans. If you're not familiar with Jordan, then perhaps you should swing over to amazon and pick up a copy of two of his book.
Order a copy and acquaint yourself this Jordan's unique voice. While you're there, be sure to remember that orders that are over $25 ship for free! So, a certain book by yours truly, "Naked Metamorphosis", can round your order out (it needs some love too!).
Please join me on April 16th and honor a fellow writer, creator, and friend. And, have fun yourself.
Thanks, and drive-thru,
**keep your eyes peeled on all the festivities happening in the month of May(s). Details will be coming soon.

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