Thursday, April 22, 2010

St. Cripin's, uh..."Naked Metamorphosis"Day

"And gentlemen in England well-read,
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here
And hold their manhood cheaps while any speaks
The fought upon Naked Metamorphosis Day!"

There's subtle debate aobut the context of the above translation, true.  Language was different in that time, and people read what they want to read.  Regardless, St. Crispin's Day is a day when people are known to get naked and groovy and attempt transmogrification.  So, why the hell not use this, eh?  Y'know I never realized that "hold their manhood" part of this classic speech prior.  Henry V has a whole new meaning to me.
As you can tell, Shakespeare was onto something.  And he gets a cut from me, 'cause he's sort of a character in the book "Naked Metamorphosis".  And I bastardized some of his characters, it's true.  And that bastard's been leaving notes all around the place.  Look above to see what he left with my blocks!  But he still shows support like no other and he's issued, from beyond the grave mind you (there's always a bleeding ghost), a "smack down".  Granted he calls it a "gentlemen's game" to sound flowery, but I know that it's a smack down.  I can read between the lines.
"A gentlemen's game, a wager of fate," said the Bard.  "To best the master of the written word, the good man shall proffer from his text and make mine own 'The Tragedy of Hamlet' wilt as doth the tulip in winter."
I told Shakes that write in prose.  "Suck it," was my retort.
So the challenge holds.  We're going to outsell the Bard himself.  He's no longer a part of the living, but his ghost still lurks.  I want that ghost to feel right foolish at my success.
Tomorrow I'll feature a few vignettes from the Carnageland/Naked Metamorphosis crossover.  Until then, in the words of Roger Rabbit, "Help me, pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppplease!

April 23rd is International Shakespeare Day. Here's what you can do:
  • Tell your local Shakespeare Company about the book;
  • Purchase a copy of "Naked Metamorphosis" from Amazon.
  • If you've purchased a copy of the book, post a review at Amazon.
  • Request that your local library carry this book (annoy them until they have no choice).
  • Post this blog post on your wall
  • Tell your facebook friends to do you a favor and purchase your friends book.
There's really all kinds of craziness happening, fine folks.  There's no telling what's going to happen.  But if Jordan Krall can outsell Louis L'amour, I've no doubt that the Fates will allow me to best Shakespeare at his own game.

See you all tomorrow,

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